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Welcome to Today's GK Quiz.

If you are preparing for competitive examinations in India, you have come to the right place to test your preparedness.

This blog is dedicated to current affairs. It presents you with a daily dose of 5 questions. These questions are prepared by me from the newspapers -- mostly Economic Times and The Hindu. If you keep reading the accompanying blogs viz., Indian Current Affairs and Discover It on a daily basis, you will find that you can answer these questions easily. This is a way to stay prepared in current affairs.

The search box given at the top left will enable you to search for a particular topic of interest relating to the question you are answering. Type in the key words from the question that you are answering in the search box and search. You will be presented with the relevant posts wherein information about this question is posted earlier.

Questions are prepared by me from the month of January 2007. Navigate to the relevant month and click on any day which has a 'Q' mentioned in its box. It will present you with 5 questions relating to that day.

As I always believed that learning can also be rewarding, I keep coming up with some quiz contests. Join the "indian-current-affairs" Google Group and keep knowing about them.

And lastly, as staying prepared for competitive examinations is serious business, when you feel tired, take a look at the "Chill Out Zone" on the left. Enjoy the jokes, have fun and relax.