About navigating this blog

  1. This blog is a question bank. It contains questions relating to Indian Current Affairs. The question bank is available from January 20, 2007. Notice the red coloured ellipse in the screen-shot below.

  1. Notice the left and right arrows just below the title of the Month? Click on them to navigate to the desired month. If you click on the “Today” button, it will take you to today’s quiz questions.
  2. Notice the dates in the month of January, 2007. From 1st to 19th, the cells are empty. It signifies that there are no questions given for those days. Similarly there are no questions given for 21st and 24th also.
  3. When you see a ‘Q’ in any cell, it means that there are questions given for that day. When you click on the ‘Q’ it will open a new page showing you the questions for that day.
  4. I have kept the number of questions for a day at 5. The idea behind giving only 5 questions per day is that, I expect you to take this quiz on a daily basis. I found that more questions are likely to put off my visitors in course of time. The number should be short and sweet. Those who have the patience to tackle more questions in a day can navigate the question bank the way they feel like and take the questions.
  5. Though I have given the answers to each of the questions right in the quiz itself, those of you who want to read a bit more about it can find the relevant portions of my notes on Indian Current Affairs or Discover-It blogs by keying in the appropriate search words/phrases in the search box given just above the calendar.